Recently a have been visiting Yayoi Kusama exhibition in Louisiana Museum of Art, located outside Copenhagen, and must say it took my breath away. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is mostly known as contemporary artist and can be called as princess of polka dots and nets. Apart from her fascinating drawings, she is famous in pattern making, performance art, sculpture and installations. It was quite impressive to see Kusama’s Infinity Mirror and Installation rooms, as an expression of her mesmerizing mind when it comes to outside environment. Through her life stages, Kusama was involved into fashion world as well. She started creating her dresses and textiles and in 1969 she opened her own clothing store. Moreover, her patterns and polka dots can be found on different design products. Collaboration with Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton leaded to a beautiful range of fashion wear like shoes, dresses, bags or sunglasses. If you are in Copenhagen until 24.01.2016, don’t miss a chance to see the fascinating Kusama’s infinity world. And I promise it is worth to see! If you need more info you can visit

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One of the reasons why I would not leave Scandinavia, is because I love four seasons, and I just enjoy each of them. I really love autumn, as for me it is such a beautiful and spiritual time of the year. However, it is very hard and takes some time to adapt to a cooler weather. So, knit jumpers and cardigans are my best friends during this time. It makes me feel warm and cozy.

Knit jumper from H&M, ankle boots from &Other Storie, jeans fro Tommy Hilfiger, shirt Рvintage, ring- handmade from Barcelona street

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Today I got my first professional sketching set, and I am so excited! I tried to draw some fashion figures recently, but I am still on a very low level, as sketching is quite new to me. So, I am really happy to try this during my studies and hopefully to become a professional. I am still confused for what some of the tools can be used for but… I can not wait to put my hands on it!

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my world. My name is Jovita and this is my blog Black Vanilla. Originally, I am from Lithuania, but have been living in Denmark for many years. At the moment, I am studying Sustainable Fashion and Design in the lovely city of Copenhagen and I love fashion, with everything that is related to it. In order to get inspiration and new ideas I always focus on the latest fashion tendencies, styles and photography. I am crazy about Scandinavian style, both when it comes to fashion and interior.

Last but not least, I am a busy mama! I live with my lovely husband and two years old sun Emil, who needs attention all the time. Moreover, I care about healthy living, so I spend a lot of time in a gym or running outside. And of course on top of that I spend a lot of time on my studies and reading. So, most of my days are just crazy, but in all cases I like it, otherwise life would be just too boring for me.

So, yeah..I hope you will enjoy my blog and wish you check it more often.

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