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It suppose to be spring here in Copenhagen, but I guess we still need to wait for warmer days. How nice it is to go to a cozy and warm place and have a great meal. We had a super nice lunch lately with my friend Joicy in The Union Kitchen. Are you visiting Copenhagen soon? My advise is to try their delicious hot drinks and juice, and generally the food is super yummy. If you like waffles or poached eggs, that is the place I can highly recommend.

Last but not least, you will meet happy and friendly people serving your meal! So don’t miss a chance to visit the place and I think if you come in the summer time, you can even sit outside and enjoy your delicious food  😉

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Today I started my day with exotic healthy breakfast. Very often I eat low fat natural yogurt in the morning, and I almost always add fresh blueberries, raspberries or strawberries to it. But today I went for more exotic ingredients, since I like to try different things. So, I added some muesli to my yogurt, and on top I had kiwi and fresh organic coconut. Sometimes I use a bit of honey or maple syrup, to make it more delicious and healthy. Try it, as it is super easy and great source of energy!

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I am like a child counting the days till Christmas. Love this time of the year and I always try to make it more special in our family. Last year we made Christmas cookies at home and now I guess it will become our little and cozy tradition, since we repeated it again this year. I found so many nice pictures of Christmas cookies on internet for inspiration, and ours are still far from perfect. We still need to learn how to create perfect shapes and decorations. Anyways, all this is not about that! It is about having fun and spending time together, which we all need. Just wish we could do it more often.

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Oh yes, and I forgot to mention..I guess we will leave some for decorating our Christmas tree, if elves will not eat it all..

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Sometimes I just love and enjoy lazy weekends. Sunday is a special day for me and my family, since we can spend some quality time together after busy weeks. And pancakes in the weekend, became almost a tradition in our house, as we are all crazy about it…Love my family and these special moments.

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