Yes, we are at this time of the year when our skin might need some extra care, and very individually many of us would add some more products into daily face routine. What I hear a lot recently, is that moisturisers and different kind of creams are not enough in order to maintain a healthy and young skin. Face serums came into the market as a whirlwind and many of us fell in love with these cute pharmaceutical kind of bottles. I have recently started using Vitamin C serum and that is something every woman should consider for tighter and brighter skin. The one I am using is from the new skincare brand Proaura, and I would say I am quite happy with it as it helps to fight my acne scars more faster. On the other had I cannot compare it with other similar products  as this is my first serum that I have started using. But I definitely wanna try out some other good stuff, so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment bellow. 

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