For some people this time of the year can be quite depressing, as the days gets more cloudy and rainy. Specially if you live in Scandinavia, you can really start noticing that it is getting dark earlier. If you are not a biggest fan of the season, it can be really hard to stay in a good mood all day long. Being able to see good things in small things can really make difference. For me autumn is all about those cozy moments, colours, scents and the spirit. It is the perfect time of the year to light up some candles at home. It always brings a relaxed and cozy atmosphere into the room. Fragranced candles were always my little obsession, and when it comes to colder seasons, I love spicy or sweet scents. I have never tried Yankee Candles, and to try it out I got this super nice Moroccan Argan Oil fragranced one. It smells so good… I would say a perfect choice if you like sweet aroma candles. Also, the colour is amazing for autumn inspired decor, and I love to use candles and flowers as the final touch to a room. If you know Yankee Candles, let me know what do you think about “Spiced Pumpkin” and “Autumn Night”. I really want to try them out..


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  1. Well there is no specific season to enjoy the beautiful smell, Mad about fragrance, Love this candle and the way you present.

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