Size and proportions in women’s fashion play big role these days. Reverse situation, in men’s wear, where everything is about slim fit recently… Please forgive me dear men if I am wrong, but that is kind of a true. We are living in the era of gender equality, and almost nothing comes as a surprise. Probably, there are no looks in menswear, that we women did not borrowed. Hot boyfriend blazers have been on the trend for decades now, and it seems its like it is just getting bigger in size. It brings my thoughts back to 80’s when everything was about shoulder pads. You can hate it or love it, but it is the latest and hottest addiction of most fashionistas. It is totally up to you, how you gonna wear it. You can go for a complete men’s look, bearing it with masculine trousers. On the other hand, combination with feminine pieces, like a light dress or skirt would make an outfit even more interesting.

I am wearing: blazer – H&M, t-shirt – Weekday, trousers – Monki, sunglasses – ReDesigned by Dixie, shoes – & Other Stories 




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