What I like about fashion in these days, is that it allows you to be creative in so many different ways. And sometimes just one little detail, can help you go crazy  and create so many different looks. Have you noticed that brooches are having a good time on the red carpet and fashion magazines lately? So, let’s bring it on! For many years this accessory has been a statement piece, regardless size, colour or shape. It can really bring some life to an old outfit, and you have so many possibilities on how you want to wear it, depending on your personal style. I like to wear brooches in a bit more unusual way, to emphasise the outfit. Today I combined it with my favourite silk scarf, where sometimes I like to decorate a simple belt to create a cool and unique look.

You know my passion for vintage items, so for this look I chose an old grandmas’s brooch which is my biggest treasure. But if you want to experiment, you can get some pretty cool pieces in most fashion stores at the moment. Hope you got inspired and wish you a lovely day.. 



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