When the summer leaves us, we rush to jump into autumn jackets and heavy jumpers. I see so many bloggers and fashion magazines talking about winter pieces already, which I think is way too early. We still have the whole September in front of us, which I am sure will bring many sunny days, demanding light summer pieces. I personally like to reorganise my wardrobe, when October starts, when the leaves starts to change colours and when the air becomes cooler. That is the time when i feel the need for fall tones, blending into the whole autumn spirit. So, right now I am keeping my summer pieces out, because you know we have the whole cold season in front of us. In fact, it is not the end of the summer that gives us the feeling of buying new items.. It is marketing and social media that plays with our minds! So, don’t be a victim of that..

Buy the way I am in love with my vintage belt, which was a bit impulsive buy! However I feel it is going to be my new statement piece this autumn.

I wish you all a wonderful month ahead friends.. Enjoy!



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  1. I am with you Jovita. Can we please just enjoy Fall first!!! Summer in the States does not end until September 22nd, although the temps have dropped I am making the most of the remaining warm weather. Loving your light layers and the vintage belt looks amazing with the blue jeans. Looking forward to seeing how you style it with other pieces.


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