We are all different, with unique lifestyles and personalities. We grew up in different countries, cultures or religions… However, we all know what is behind that logo of a little guy Mickey Mouse. More or less, this iconic figure influenced our childhood, leaving us with warm and nostalgic feelings. Maybe that is one of the reasons why this character continuously staying on the adult fashion pieces for years. Perhaps it indicates our obsession with Mickey. Well, I am a little bit in love too, with this trend. However, I would not go for brand new pieces available at Disney store, since Mickey Mouse is a retro character. I want to keep it vintage in order to create the cool old-school style. I found my pants in the local vintage store, reminding me of 90’s, childhood, and neighbourhood kids.. If you are a bit childish like me, try to search for vintage items on, where you can find a lot of options and styles with Disney motives. 


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