Everybody noticed that gingham trend has been on top this spring and summer, and it seems like it is not ready to leave us yet. I love this kind of print because it is super easy to style. However, there are many women out there who would not dare to mix this pattern into their wardrobe. And I know why, because for many it associates with classic picnic blanket. Well, that is why I love it so much, cause it brings good emotions, and can make you look refreshingly chic. Go for black and white gingham instead of traditional red, blue or green. It will give a more neutral but still playful look. You can find so many different styles in the fashion stores, from classy masculine, to very feminine pieces at the moment. Gingham items don’t have to feel rustic and old fashion, since it got some trendy touches of ruffles or appliqués. For a feminine and modern look, team your gingham look with white sneakers. 


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  1. I am so with you on this! I wore so much gingham during our last summer, and our next is coming up soon and I am still getting new gingham pieces. I think I’ll be adding more in different colours to come, to mix things up.
    This dress is so cute on you!
    xx Jenelle

  2. I am so delayed because I have yet to get onto this trend but I have seen it everywhere. I love the ruffles on your gingham dress. So chic and feminine. Well styled with the sneakers. Black and white is the perfect color combo and I agree with you, it will give you so many options to mix and match. Thank you for the inspiration beautiful.


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