The summer is still here and the whole August is ahead. However going back into office mood might be hard for most of us, while beach, sand and summer sunsets are still dancing in our heads. Yes, post vacation situation can be hard sometimes. So, how to jump into work outfit, after few weeks in relaxed atmosphere, where the only things you needed was a bikini and a small evening dress? You might want to wear something relaxed and sporty but without overdoing it. We all know that high heels is a way to express our feminine spirit and at the same time a statement piece for an elegant and sophisticated look. If you are afraid of wearing too sporty clothes, neutralise it with your elegant pair of high heels. It is all about balance, and what I mean is that you simply mix elegant with sporty, feminine with masculine or classy with extravagant. Office wear should not be put into frames (well it used to be), and we should still be able express ourselves in a way of who we are..


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  1. You are so right Jovita, its hard to focus on work when the weather is so beautiful and everyone is out having fun. Changing one’s style can definitely help. I am loving this casual and chic look. I love the pants and the graphic T-shirt combo. Your style is always perfection. Thank you for sharing babe. Enjoy your Sunday.


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