We got the most crazy weather here in Copenhagen. It’s not very cozy when you are freezing all the time. It is suppose to be summer! So, I wear a lot of layers recently. ย Of course I want to avoid winter pieces, cause that is not how it suppose to be in July month. So, if you are facing the same issue, let me give you a smart advice. Do not jump intoย chunky winter sweaters and jackets! By layering your outfit with fresh summer items, you will come up with some nice combinations, keeping you warm and stylish at the same time. Well, and if the temperature suddenly goes up, you can always remove some pieces. Actually if you have an oversize shirt or two, you can always wear it open instead of a blazer, and it will give a nice and cool look without feeling too hot.




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  1. We have a similar climate in the UK and that’s great advice for layering because if you go out in a sweater thinking that it’s cold, no doubt later on in the day the sun will start shining and you’ll be too hot! Nice jeans by the way and I like the shirt as a light jacket layer. ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Thank you Samio, let’s hope that the weather will get better at least in August!

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