Hello there, all creative ladies. As many of you have noticed pom poms trend has been all over internet recently. You can find so many inspiration ideas on Pinterest, both when it comes to fashion or interior design, and not a secret I am a bit obsessed with this trend. Did you know that these cute and fluffy creations are very easy to make? Let me know if you want another post on how to make them, otherwise you can find some tips on Pinterest. Those that follow me on Instagram, probably already saw a pair of similar slippers in another color, that I love as well!

The only thing you need for this kind of project a pair of simple slippers and bunch of pom poms, that you can make in any size or tones. Attach it with glue gun and you have your own unique and cute summer slippers. 

This beautiful dot H&M dress was the first piece that came into my mind, when choosing an outfit, but I can tell you that these slippers go very nice wis high-waisted jeans or trousers. 

Hope you like my DIY project and let me know if you got some other interesting ideas which I would love to hear! Wish you a great summer day! 


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