I always had a passion for vintage pieces, and there is something special about it. When I was a teenager, I never had a huge wardrobe since my parents could not afford it. So, I remember I used to search for some cool stuff in my moms or grandmothers basement all the time. I love old clothes, no matter where it comes from. However, things that I got from my family, I call a real treasure! The dress I am wearing, used to be my mothers which she crocheted herself when she was a teenager. I even got a picture of her making this beautiful piece, which I thing is amazing.Β That is the most expensive dress I have ever had, not only because it is vintage, but because there’s so much hand craft and love in it!



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  1. The black and white photography made it looks dope!
    the tone just perfect

    And I agree with you, old clothes is real treasure

    1. Thank you Hillory, would be great to see your new fascinator πŸ˜‰

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