There is something special about beach bags. It is definitely a statement piece, and I cannot describe why it is so eye catching…Well, most likely because of the size or colors? If you are hiding yours somewhere deep in your closet, you should definitely take it out, and don’t wait for sunny days or your dream holidays. I am that kind of person who really hates to save pieces for special occasions. My wardrobe is not a storage, and it is too small for things that I am using once in a year.

You know, who said that beach bags are only meant to keep you a company only on the way to the beach?.. There are no rules in these days on how you should style your outfit, and you are allowed to go crazy, and do what ever you want. I had my bag for couple of years now and could never find the right pieces to match the colors, so I thought I will get rid of it. Well, thanks god I did not do that, cause this summer it is my favorite statement piece, and it goes super nice with everything. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know… Maybe my style has changed, or maybe I had this weird perception that beach bags are only for the BEACH…

I am wearing: blazer – Samsøe & Samsøe, t-shirt – Weekday, jeans – H&M, bag – Tommy Hilfiger, slippers – Adidas 



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    1. Thank you Hillory, I am glad you like it. And thanks for visiting my blog 😉

  1. No weird perceptions here Jovita. Your style taste is impeccable. The handle and pattern on your beach bag is beautiful, and such a perfect color for summer. It pairs beautifully with your outfit. And I like that its big enough so you can pack all your beach essentials.


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