When you feel like you need to cut your damage hair, but at the same time really want to have long and shiny waves for summer, don’t rush! For me personally, constantly cutting my hair does not make any difference, when it comes to faster hair growth. Well, in general I think it’s a myth, and the only thing is that it makes hair look more healthier. So, when I feel like my hair is dry and damage I always look for some good treatment before I rush into salon. I always like to try out new products since my hair adopt very quickly to some treatments or shampoos. I guess that’s a common problem for all ladies with highlighted¬†hair. Anyways, my new favourite is the treatment balm from Joico, for thick dry hair. It really gave some nice results to my hair, with leaving it soft, more shiny and healthy. Well, just make sure that you rinse it out very very well, since it is super effective and soaks quite fast into the hair.¬†



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