Sometimes adding some simple details to your outfit can really make a statement. So let’s talk about that… I guess you all noticed the biggest denim trend at the moment. It seems like embroidered jeans came back from the 90s and is gonna stay for a while. You can find many pieces in the shops with cool embroidery at the moment,and if you are feeling creative and have time you might want to DIY this trend, to make your old jeans come back to life. I am more into geometric shapes at the moment, but floral embroidery denim looks very good too, so just check Pinterest for some inspiration if you feel like. I love this trend a lot, and I think embroidery gives a little extra to the denim, so go for some bright colors if you want a new summer look. 

There is another simple way to add some new details to your overall look. You might consider playing with your shoes as well, and the most simple and cheep way is to change a boring ribbon into something more eye catching. I went for this pretty lace ribbon, but you can pick any, depending on the shoe type, and I guess for example sneakers would be very easy to style. I have some more DIY projects coming, but I guess I will keep it for later posts. Have a great and creative day my dear readers! 





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  1. You are so right embroidery seems to be a very popular trend tight now. Your jeans definitely has some star power Jovita. I like the geometrical shapes as well. That red blazer is gorgeous. Love how you styled this outfit beautiful lady.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.


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