The fashion world is influenced by society and society is influenced by fashion. Few centuries ago we would never imagine women going into menswear closet, wearing pants or pantsuits. Today, trends are changing so fast, that we almost do not have time to judge or dislike new movements. Few years ago many of us would say that pantsuit is a perfect classic for office work, business or professional meetings. I guess most of us stopped taking fashion too seriously and dress according to the ‘rules’. Today this classic piece became less serious, and we are kind of allowed to play with it as we wanted to and brake all the rules. I think it makes our lives so much easier, and you don’t need to invest in a huge wardrobe worrying about each occasion. Meaning, you can put your elegant high heels on and you are ready for a busy day in the office or meeting, where maybe next day you can have your sneakers on and you have a completely different casual ‘boys look’, which in my opinion is very cool. In fact pantsuits are perfect both for day and night occasions, and what I have learned so far is that, to look sharp and clean you need to keep your accessories to a minimum. So, I guess a white t-shirt under and the right shoes is more then enough. Enjoy your day dear ladies !




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