My mother used to say that yellow and dark blue are “my colors” when I was a child and she would always look for dresses in these tones. Well, maybe that’s why I kind of feel sympathy for these colors. Blue navy always makes me feel very comfortable, like you know the feeling of being in your “own skin”… If you are a big fan of black, but still want some changes, this might be a good alternative for you due to it’s solid tone. Moreover, it is a very neutral and universal shade, so you can wear it anywhere with everything, and of course don’t forget denim! In fact Navy Peony is one of the colors of Fall 2017, according to Pantone Color Institute. Well, I know I know… I am mixing seasons, but who cares, there are no rules in styling in these days, the most important thing is how you feel. Combine it with light shades to give some contrast and I guess you have a total summer look. 

I am wearing: hat – vintage, blazer – Samsøe & Samsøe, t-shirt – H&M, jeans – H&M, belt – vintage, sneakers – Converse



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  1. Navy blue certainly is your colour. I love it too and have navy blue coat that I wore on repeat over Autumn/Winter. Good to hear it’s in for Fall 2017 too! And I really like this look the navy jacket and the jeans go great together! 😀


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