For the last few days, I was super busy with some graphic design projects, so I did not have any time to edit any pictures and spend time on my blog. Finally I am back on track, and it feels lovely.

So let’s talk a bit about this color that was a big hit in 2000’s. All of us know that fashion trends repeating itself every 10-15 years, and I remember how my wardrobe was occupied by khaki at that time. Happy to see that same color tones are back on the fashion runways, since I am a big fan of it. You might say that it is more for fall and winter due to it’s darkness, however specially in the summer khaki looks so beautiful on sun kissed skin, and you probably already know that. In fact, you can combine and mix it with any color and will never fail, so I guess I would say, it is the most easy color to wear. And how about a pair of oversize khaki pants? That was super trendy in the 2000’s right?  And seems that it is on the way back. Well, the best thing about it, is the casual look and of course comfort!

I am wearing: jacket – COS, oversize pants – COS, top – H&M, sneakers – Adidas 



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