I am pretty sure we all went through spring ‘syndrome’ already, when all you want is to look nice. When you want to get out and enjoy the weather and feel beautiful by feeling the spring in the air. Winter wardrobe, that is something you don’t even want to look at, and you are rushing to pack it away as soon as you have time for it. However, this time of the year often can be quite tricky and some unexpected weather changes might not be very satisfying. So, what to do when the temperature goes down and reminds us more of the winter weather, even though it is still spring? That is quite irritating because very often we don’t know what to wear… Well, I would suggest go for something warm, but fresh! Something that will keep you cozy and comfy but still very summerish. A light bomber jacket, or pastel trench coat could create a lighter and more outgoing style. You could also add layers and mix some different spring prints, for making it even more eye catching. And don’t forget sunglasses, even though it is cold outside, you need to protect your beautiful eyes and complete your stylish look!

I am wearing: bomber jacket – Monki, blouse – Monki, sunglasses – vintage, pants – H&M, shoes – Top Shop 




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