Hello Monday! To begin the new week I wanted to share this amazing recipe that I tried out in the weekend. This might look like a guilty pleasure, but that is the healthiest home made vegan chocolate you can find on earth, containing only three main ingredients. And oh my god it is so good! I am not going into details and the benefits of each ingredient I used, but I can tell you, this is no sugar and dairy free snack or dessert. So you don’t need to worry about upcoming bikini season.

I used:

1/2 cup liquid coconut oil

1/2 raw cacao

4 table spoons of maple syrup

Just mix all three ingredients, and use your fantasy if you want to add some nuts, dry fruits, berries or whatever you have. I added some almonds, dry raspberries and goji berries. Put it into baking pan (with baking paper), and freeze for about 30-40 min. Cut it into small pieces and you have it. Enjoy!


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    1. Thanks Natalie, I did not try, but my friend made with honey and she said it was very nice 😉

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