In todays world most of us are more concerned about the environment, our health and surrounding. Society and media are the biggest influencers of our behavior. Healthy way of living becomes not only a trend but a lifestyle. Looking trough the history, ages by ages the world is becoming more clever. We are all familiar with organic or natural foods, and that became a normal buying procedure depending on our choices. But what about the materials, the equipment we use, the clothes that we wear? Is that something we seriously consider when we do shopping? 
Progressive silicone technology is becoming our future and the material is already used on fashion textiles. Going back to my Paris trip, I am happy I was bale to meet a high fashion textile engineer and designer Tzuri Gueta, who has found a great proportion between art and science. Getting familiar with the brand, gave a clear picture that technology and unusual materials can be combined into beautiful fashion pieces. After successful introduction of his ideas, silicone became Gueta’s signature material. The designer creates beautiful hand made jewelry and home decoration accessories by using technique of blowing silicone material into lace. The brand collaborates with Parisian Haute Couture houses in order to design original textiles, jewelry and ornaments. High fashion brands such as Chanel, Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dior Clarisse Hieraix, Stephane Rolland and Yiquing Yin are the main collaborators of the company. 
I am absolutely in love with his accessories, so if you are visiting Paris soon, you should definitely go and check their cozy shop.


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