Sometimes, routine and crazy lifestyle these days can empty our brains without even realising it. For me, life is not just the matter of eating, sleeping, going to work or whatever. I just realised that I cannot remember when was the last time I red a nice book, or let my brain to relax. And this is not good, that just kills my creativity and I believe most of us would feel the same way. So, what to do when you feel like you are stuck and cannot even dream. Well, go to Paris! That’s right… if you have a creative mind, you will ‘blossom’ like a flower again, of just seeing all the beautiful museums, architecture and people, I mean stylish people. That is just a big source of inspiration! I am currently on trend forecasting trip in Paris, and enjoying every single minute of it. It just makes me happy, feel creative and I am taking a full luggage of new ideas with me.

And if you are not into architecture or art, there are so many other things to enjoy. Just getting the spirit of Parisian life style is always nice. And let me tell you, the food, the wine and french pastries are on top. My gym shoes are already waiting for me when I am back in Copenhagen.

The city is the best place to shop and I personally love to search for a small vintage shops, so I know I can get some very unique pieces with a smell of Paris. And that is the best thing to do if you want to run away from tourists and enjoy small but beautiful things.


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