It is hard to believe that we have almost couple of weeks left until Christmas. The most busy and cozy time of the year, bringing some extra joy to our everyday lives. This year I am super happy since my family is coming, and we gonna have the best Christmas ever. But before that I have to do so many things, as planning, buying presents, baking, packing, decorating and it is a bit stressful but in a pleasant way, if you know what I mean. 

Today I am wearing a lovely sequins sweater, because why not, Christmas is just around the corner, and I love sparkling things in December. You could call it ugly Christmas sweater, if it wasn’t that pretty. I was thinking to make my own sequin appliqué on an old sweater but the busy days does not allow me to do that. So if you got time make your own and unique. Sequins can light up the most boring outfit and of course during this time of the year we need to shine like stars! 


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