When the sun comes out in November there is no doubt, you probably need to take out your sunglasses again. I don’t know why but I always think that it is so bright during this time of the year as the sun appears so low in the sky. Anyways, I love every single moment of it, as we do not see it so often in Scandinavia during winter.

I guess most of us feel more happy during these sunny days. So, why not to bring a bit more life and fun to your daily look. Autumn outfits don’t have to be boring… make it fabulous. You can easily make a statement going for metallic peaces this year, and in fact this trend gonna stay for a while. And it does not have to be a pair of trousers… Go for skirt, jacket or a bag! Choose from variety of colors, as there are so many available in the stores right now. Step away from classic gold and silver and you gonna rock! 


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