I am sure there are so many ladies out there, who at least once in their life bought a new piece of clothing, just to make themselves happy, or maybe without even considering if they really need it. Not a secret, I am one of them. Do you know that fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters? And do you know where do your old clothes go after you don’t need it and put it into trash? Well, most of the time into the landfills, releasing gas and toxic air pollutants. I love fashion myself and I am not saying that we should stop buying. But what I am trying to say, that we should at least think more innovative and sustainable. Donate your unwanted garments to a local charity. Bring it to the fashion stores like for example H&M. Many big fashion brands are able to collect and recycle old textiles into new. Buy from second hand us well, and trust me that is my favorite kind if shopping… Like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get.

My outfit today is definitely second hand and vintage, except for my sneakers. All pieces I found in the Danish Red Cross shops. And I want to give a big compliment to the organization, for releasing this beautiful fashion magazine ‘Stil’, involving famous people, models and actresses wearing second hand clothes. A smart and great way to convince young people to rethink and reuse! If you live in Denmark, I guess you can find the magazine in most of the Red Cross shops, and it is free.

Have a beautiful day and don’t let fashion go to waste!



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