October is getting closer to the end, and I just wanted to share some of these cozy pictures, that I had on my camera since last Saturday. I had a very nice day outside the city. Especially now, when the weather is so foggy and the trees are so colorful, the spirit is just amazing. So, I had a chance to visit a little farm, offering some pretty nice October goodies, and yes… organic as from grandma’s garden. And you know, when I go to the places like this, I don’t think too much about food and what I bring home, even so it is still very nice. It is more about having a good time, in a relaxed atmosphere, letting you to feel and remember how beautiful each season can be. This place is offering some really nice attractions as well and if you are lucky with the weather you can pick your own pumpkin or delicious apples directly from the tree. Well, it was a bit windy that day so; some fresh goodies from their local shop were good enough.

October is almost over, but the spiritual atmosphere will still stay for few more weeks, so don’t let the Christmas marketers to overtake it. It is way too early!


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