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This is my favorite lunch at the moment. I know it might look too fresh, bright or something you would eat in the summer time, but that is the reason why we should all keep on getting all this good, green and healthy stuff into us during this time of the year. I have a busy lifestyle and plus I am a mom, so I cannot allow myself to be sick. Fruits and veggies are important part of my healthy diet, as it is great source of vitamins and nutrients needed to stay strong and fresh.

I don’t know if I should call this dish a noodles salad or a sweet mango salad, but these are main ingredients. I also added avocado, edamame beans, and red chili to make it spicy. If you like the combination of sweet and spicy, I can tell you, this is delicious! The beans are rich in protein and it will help you stay full for longer. Enjoy in case you gonna try it!



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