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My thoughts are all about autumn colors these days! I am not sure if I should talk about my outfit or about these pretty flowers, that actually appeared so beautiful in the pictures. What I love most about it, is this gorgeous deep red pinky color, screaming – it’s autumn, finally! I could even call it my extra accessory of the day… No doubt flowers are my little addiction.

Today I had one of these mornings, when you look into your wardrobe and nothing..nothing to wear.. I guess there are no women in the entire world, who did not try this silly issue. Lucky me, I found my old dress that I totally forgot about. Absolutely love this color, and it is one of my favorite shades this season.

Sometimes there is no reason to spend your money on new clothes, just because you had a difficulty to dress up in the morning. And a good advice would be, pack your things aways,  and when you forget about it, you will be quite impressed. I promise, you will love it again!



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