Let’s welcome September with beautiful prints of flowers and autumn colours. What I mostly feel like wearing this season is dresses.. Beautiful, colourful, feminine and vintage! I love vintage, it makes me feel so special, romantic and unique, and most important very personal, as probably you will not find another piece like that in the entire world. The one I am wearing today is my new and favourite at the moment. I found it in the vintage store during my summer holidays and could not wait until autumn comes 🙂

What I mostly like about this one is the print, which is so beautiful. There are so many prints available in the shops with the same colour palette at the moments. Isn’t it great? Vintage, unique and trendy! Sometimes, you don’t need to spend bunch of money to look new and nice all the time. Just go to your vintage store and have fun, and think about sustainability. It will make you feel good 😉

Have a great and sunny autumn day 😉




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