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Look at all these beautiful colours! We had a great Sunday yesterday in a cozy farm not far away from Copenhagen. So many nice fresh and yummy berries, and most important strawberries. Hmm.. so delicious! There is something special about picking strawberries. The smell, the taste, the colour… It just brings me back to the childhood, as both my mom and my grandmother used to have so many in their garden. Beautiful memories! Now the freezer is full of these beauties for delicious and organic smoothies and pancakes.

Well, the weather was really nice and we had so much fun, and just running away from the city life sometimes feels really good. No traffic, no noise, and the air is so fresh and good for your health and mind.

I even got some beautiful poppy flowers to decorate my home, and hope it can stay in the water for few days. Please give me some tips if you know how to keep them fresh for longer 😉





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