So, back from holidays and it is time to clear the skin. Yep, I am one of the lucky ones, that suffering from acne after travelling. I always used to think that climate change or food cause this problem, but this time I realised (and I am almost sure) that long flights makes my skin to break out. Why? Because, I got very bad skin just after we landed and it was the same story on going back home. Well, it makes sense, since the air is so dry on an airplane, and the skin gets even more oily due to the lack of moisture. So, if you have the same problem, remember to drink a lot of water, take a good care and moisturise your skin while flying.


Anyways, gonna fix this little problem with my little detox program. All I need to do is go for green fresh and green! And a lot of water. For this, I am making my favourite ginger lemon water with some fresh mint aroma. It kills acne bacteria and treats skin blemishes! Try it, it really helps…


Eating a lot of veggies and fruits helps to clear the body from toxins, and I believe that to get a beautiful skin is not just enough to use tones of beauty products. What we eat is what we are, so good diet is just a beginning towards beautiful skin. I love green smoothies, makes me always feel more fresh and happy! And is so yummy! So, don’t wait, just go green!



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