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Let me introduce you to my little perfume collection. That is something I “collected” through the last couple of years.
I am writing this post and I can still feel the scent of my Miller et Bertaux perfume in my hair, that I sprayed in the morning. A blend of orange, cedar, leather and musk. After a long day the smell became even more sensual and influential. I don’t know what and how but I guess it is the chemistry that makes me dream and feel special when I wear it.
Before, I used to stick to one kind of perfume and would wear it everyday and everywhere, where now I like to change my perfume from day to day, depending on my mood or occasion. Currently, I am addicted to woody fragrances that are actually a bit more masculine and unisex, like Notte Bianca from Linari or Molécule nr. from Zarko Perfume. One of my newest is Decadence from Marc Jacobs and it is quite strong, so I mostly keep it for occasions.

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And this little beauty used to be (and it still would be) my signature scent. Thierry Mugler – Eau De Star, suddenly disappeared from the stores and I can not find it anywhere. So the only thing I have left if this beautiful empty bottle with some left smell of “me”. I am gonna keep it forever, just because there are so many nice memories in it… Loved it! 🙁 🙁


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