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A great way to start the day is like this! We love smoothies in our house and we drink it almost every day. It’s a great source of energy and good mood in the morning, where in the afternoon is a great snack substitute. And most important, it is super healthy. My boy loves it, and everyday we try something different or new. So quite often we are having so much fun by discovering new tastes and beautiful colours 🙂

The one that we did today, I call ‘Pina Colada’ smoothie, and I know if you try google, you will find many recipes called like that. Anyways, this one I created my self!

I used:

1/4 frozen pineapple

1 banana

1/2 can of coconut milk

2-3 tablespoon coconut syrup ( you can use honey if you want)

½ glass of water or pineapple juice

Enjoy and have a great day!

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This April weather is driving me crazy. One day is raining… another day the sun comes out for few minutes, just before it gets snowing. Well, not easy, not easy at all..

When the spring was almost here I tried to enjoy the weather as much as I can. Starting a day with a long walk on the beach is one of the best ways to pumper myself. I wish it become a weekly habit… it gives energy, cleans up the heart and mind, and just makes me happy…

Hope the sunny days will visit Copenhagen again very soon 🙁

I am wearing: t-shirt from H&M, shoes from Top Shop, leather jacket from Ganni, leggings from H&M, sunglasses – vintage

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That time of the year when the trees starts blooming takes my breath away. It just simply makes me happy, and I don’t know what more should I say, since the beauty of these charming Sakura trees appears in the pictures. I guess I was just lucky to have them close to my house, so I can go there everyday and enjoy beautiful spring.

I guess, I am obsessed with these flowers and it gives me happiness, peace and joy.. So, wish you a happy and peaceful day!

Today I am wearing: t-shirt from H&M, boyfriend jeans from H&M, shoes from &Other Stories, hat from Beck Söndergaard, sunglasses from RayBan

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Let me introduce you to my little perfume collection. That is something I “collected” through the last couple of years.
I am writing this post and I can still feel the scent of my Miller et Bertaux perfume in my hair, that I sprayed in the morning. A blend of orange, cedar, leather and musk. After a long day the smell became even more sensual and influential. I don’t know what and how but I guess it is the chemistry that makes me dream and feel special when I wear it.
Before, I used to stick to one kind of perfume and would wear it everyday and everywhere, where now I like to change my perfume from day to day, depending on my mood or occasion. Currently, I am addicted to woody fragrances that are actually a bit more masculine and unisex, like Notte Bianca from Linari or Molécule nr. from Zarko Perfume. One of my newest is Decadence from Marc Jacobs and it is quite strong, so I mostly keep it for occasions.

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And this little beauty used to be (and it still would be) my signature scent. Thierry Mugler – Eau De Star, suddenly disappeared from the stores and I can not find it anywhere. So the only thing I have left if this beautiful empty bottle with some left smell of “me”. I am gonna keep it forever, just because there are so many nice memories in it… Loved it! 🙁 🙁

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I woke up this morning and my spring mood disappeared into cloudy sky. So at least , I thought I will post some bright pictures on my blog. Sometimes I like to go to The Red Square (Den Røde Plads) at Nørrebro here in Copenhagen. And very often I do that just to make myself more happy or to take some nice pictures. Everything is painted in red or pink and it looks very cool. I would post more pictures on my blog but I guess it will be more interesting for you to visit the place if you are curious, and if you live in Copenhagen, you probably already know it 🙂

Have a great day friends!

Today I am wearing: leather jacket from Ganni, t-shirt from Mohito, hat – H&M, glitter socks from &Other Stories, jeans from H&M, leather sneakers from Top Shop

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If you want your morning juice to be more interesting, add some frozen strawberries. So refreshing and yummy…Still have some left in my freezer from last summer, that we have picked up at strawberry farm. It is extra delicious and of course organic. You can also try and freeze some other berries or fruits, depending on what you like. I think, soon I will experiment with kiwi 🙂 So, just use your imagination and enjoy!

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