These days I am working on a very interesting and inspiring task. We are going through costume history at the design school. So, I am doing a research about 40’s fashion, which I will use as an inspiration for my new sketches.

_DSC6523 copy _DSC6534 copy _DSC6538 copy _DSC6543 copy

Beautiful and elegant dresses, colourful patterns, collars, gloves, and many more beautiful accessories made every women look so pretty and stylish at that period. Seems like they never got out of style. The second world war had a big influence on the fashion at that time, as for example shoulder pads created more masculine militant look. Anyways, I will not go into details, but I think in general it is super interesting to see how world events and history changed fashion, the way we dress and think. Love vintage wear, an enjoy this research a lot!


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