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So finally the Christmas tree is in the house, and it feels so good and cozy. It was so nice in the weekend to get away to the country side and just pick our own Christmas tree. I just have so many nice memories from my childhood when my father used to cut down the tree in our local forest. And we kids used to be so exited about it…

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This beautiful farm located close to Roskilde is one of my favourite places to go in December. Christmas spirit is all over the place. And the best thing is, that you can pick and cut your own Christmas tree.


And of course hot chocolate and Danish ‘aebleskiver’ is the best thing ever after couple of hours in the cold winter weather.

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Last year I got some vintage Christmas decorations from my mom. It brings me those nice memories from my childhood and warm feelings, I wish I could get more. And I also added some Christmas cookies which looks so cute and smells of cinnamon. Hope it will stay there until Christmas Eve 🙂

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