Probably and hopefully I’m not alone struggling with finding the right outfit for New Year’s Eve. This year I wanna go for something sparkling, dark, elegant and sophisticated. Here are some inspiring looks from Danish designer Malene Birger AW15 runway. Absolutely love her beautiful, feminine and inspiring style.

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Went through my jewellery collection couple of days ago and found these beauties. And is vintage again. I think I am obsessed with vintage clothes and accessories, and I cannot get enough of it. These gorgeous clip-on earrings I got online. It took me a while to get it, since it came all the way from United States. But it was worth it! It reminds me of my grandmother’s brooch, which makes it even more special. Now I need to find the perfect dress for upcoming New Years Eve, and I guess I have a perfect match.

_DSC6102 copy_DSC6093 copy_DSC6109 copy

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_DSC5771 copy copy
_DSC5780 copy

So finally the Christmas tree is in the house, and it feels so good and cozy. It was so nice in the weekend to get away to the country side and just pick our own Christmas tree. I just have so many nice memories from my childhood when my father used to cut down the tree in our local forest. And we kids used to be so exited about it…

_DSC5824 copy
_DSC5811 copy copy

This beautiful farm located close to Roskilde is one of my favourite places to go in December. Christmas spirit is all over the place. And the best thing is, that you can pick and cut your own Christmas tree.


And of course hot chocolate and Danish ‘aebleskiver’ is the best thing ever after couple of hours in the cold winter weather.

_DSC5867 copy copy
_DSC5911 copy

Last year I got some vintage Christmas decorations from my mom. It brings me those nice memories from my childhood and warm feelings, I wish I could get more. And I also added some Christmas cookies which looks so cute and smells of cinnamon. Hope it will stay there until Christmas Eve 🙂

_DSC5916 copy
_DSC5921 copy

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_DSC5700 copy_DSC5725 copy_DSC5731 copy_DSC5751 copy

Last weekend was really bright and sunny here in Copenhagen. Well… it is still very cold, but just to have some sun during this time of the year is super nice! And I had a chance to wear my vintage yellow coat, which I normally wear during autumn or spring. I don’t know what I like more about this coat..the style or the colour.. but always feel so cozy and special while wearing it, which makes me feel more happy. Oh.. and I always get so many compliments, so yeah..I am crazy about vintage pieces and can not get enough!

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_DSC5623 copy
_DSC5627 copy
_DSC5668 copy
_DSC5671 copy

I am like a child counting the days till Christmas. Love this time of the year and I always try to make it more special in our family. Last year we made Christmas cookies at home and now I guess it will become our little and cozy tradition, since we repeated it again this year. I found so many nice pictures of Christmas cookies on internet for inspiration, and ours are still far from perfect. We still need to learn how to create perfect shapes and decorations. Anyways, all this is not about that! It is about having fun and spending time together, which we all need. Just wish we could do it more often.

_DSC5674 copy

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention..I guess we will leave some for decorating our Christmas tree, if elves will not eat it all..

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_DSC5434 copy
_DSC5471 copy
_DSC5427 copy


There is nothing better for me than a warm cup of coffee in a cold winter day. Very often in the weekends we come to our local Cafe Munchies to have a nice meal and enjoy their friendly service. And that’s what we did today, since we needed to warm up after a long walk with my husband and my little boy Emil. The place is super cozy and relaxing, and I love their delicious cafe latte.

Oh..and by the way.. today I am wearing my new vintage beret, which I absolutely love! I wish to have few more in different colours.

Leather jacket from Ganni, wool sweater from Benetton, rings from Stine A and Frk. Lisberg

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_DSC5524 copy_DSC5521 copy

Time flies, and I can not believe it’s December again. Even, I’m super busy with my schedule, this year, I managed to decorate our apartment and feel so proud of my self. Each year I try to come up with some new ideas and I also love to create my own decorations.

I created this garland as I had so many pine cones, that we found last summer. And it was super easy to make it, as I just used a glue gun. Already feel like making few more for our Christmas tree, just maybe adding some other details instead of pearls.

_DSC5607 copy_DSC5582 copy_DSC5594 copy_DSC5590 copy

Last year my mom teached me how to make these beautiful paper angels, and I enjoyed it so much. So, this year I decided to make few for our Christmas tree and I love it! If I have time I would like to make few for my family and friends as well…


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