It is time to have a few words on one of my favourite beauty products that I felt in love few years ago. Coconut oil, that is one of the natural must haves on my bathroom shelf, and I use it for so many things, in my beauty routine. As I always struggle with very dry hair, coconut oil became one of my favourite products. I usually apply a lot of it on my hair before I go to bed and I let it stay while I sleep. I promise this is the best overnight treatment for your hair! You can wrap a shower cap or a towel, so that you don’t destroy your pillow. My hair looks so much better after I wash it in the morning. It feels soft, nourished and shiny. Moreover, I noticed that it helped my hair grow longer and faster as it has so many vitamins and improves scalp health. So, try it! And later on I will share some of my other coconut oil beauty tips…


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